selected music #40 mixed by BadCat


Be prepared to leave it all on the floor when BadCat comes to town. A true vibe engineer, she will ease you onto the dance floor with bumpy feel-good beats, keep you there with deep and dirty booty-shaking bass, then bring it on home to the sweet sweet release of disco. No passport required for this musical journey. The Legion of Boom, her live radio show, airs Saturday at midnight (mountain) every week on 101.1 fm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, featuring her crew of the same name dropping house, techno, juke, and everything in between. Her passion is to make people dance but also to give future djs the gift of musical expression. She is paying forward the debt to her mentors by teaching those who have the passion but not yet the knowledge of how to dj, and instilling in her students respect for the roots of the craft.

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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Popular style of electronic dance music. Typical is the rhythm mostly generated by drum computers in 4/4 structure.

Deep House

Is a slower and melody-oriented style of house - deeper tracks full of silky, smooth grooves.

Tech House

Blending the warmth of house music with the cold structural precision of techno, tech house bridges the divide.

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