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She is at home in the heart of Germany (Thuringia) and discovered her love for music at an early age! From then on, the well-known hr3 ClubNights dominated the weekend, which were a fixed part of her schooldays. Artists like "Der Dritte Raum" were her first basics for the ear. Christian Vogel, Chris Liebing, Pascal Feos, Dj Pierre, Dj Rush and many more followed. She has always been interested in the art of mixing and always tries to bring in a piece of his personality. That's why she started a project with a good friend in late 2016, whose goal was to create sets that contained only her favorite tracks. This required a lot of patience and good hearing! Since she is at home in many genres, everyone will find a piece of herself in her sets! She feels at home in House to Tech-House, as well as in Techno. This is reflected in her unmistakable style, which consists of new tracks as well as nostalgic melodies.
In public she could be heard on the internet radio.

- TMR Radio in Waltershausen, were there your baptism of fire.
- MABU Beatz Radio
- also at DJ Contest's she had given everything

And no matter how far she will get, we will surely hear from her again and again?

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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