selected music #29 mixed by NC/NO Techno 25|07|2020 Biography I owe my beginnings in electronic music to my father, thanks to him it was the first time that I heard this type of sounds, I am talking about electronic groups and artists from the 70s and the early years of the 80s, one of those […]

Elle Ell

Elle Ell

selected music #28 mixed by Elle Ell Techno 18|07|2020 Biography Dj Elle Ell discovered his love for electronic music and vinyl in the mid-nineties, when he visited the Techno Club Unit in his hometown Hamburg. This love lasts until today and does not let him go. Until 2010 he played under the name Dj Mogul […]

Michel Heukrodt


selected music #26 mixed by Michel Heukrodt Minimal 11|07|2020 Biography „Michel is a passionate Dj and Producer, based in Erfurt, Germany. For more than 20 years he has been an integral part of the thuringian electro scene. He has shaped and developed his music with time. While the first phase was still characterized by Techno, […]

Dj Yulianna


selected music #26 mixed by Dj Yulianna Techno 04|07|2020 Biography The Ukrainian-born Chicago-based dj Yulianna chose the music at the age of 3 when she started to play the piano. She finds her passion in underground music which combines a mixture of beats and sounds that go from deep house, energetic tribal house and melodic […]