vinyl only #07 mixed by Chincha


Daniel José Griem aka Chincha, born in Chincha (Peru) is not just the founder and frontman from Art & Techno, but also a more passionate Dj behind the decks. His diversity in the creative mixing vinyl and CD is his art. Since 2000 inspired by trance, house, techno and breakbeat. He is a cult artist of with all my heart. Since then he has been in various Hamburg bars and clubs, with it's unmistakable sound, leave a lasting impression. With a quiet hand to the decks and a great record Daniel's collection today covers the different ones styles of the last decade of electronic music development. Individually and optimized for the mood in the club, he generates his sound on the floor and creates thus an essential connection between him and the club atmosphere. The concept of "Art & Techno", to indulge in a new idea and these impulses then intuitively implement, describes Daniel's livingness. As a spirited drive and frontman, we thank him for his greatest fondness: "to perform behind the decks"! Who ever saw Daniel live has, knows his memorable style.

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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Category: November 2019