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Eduardo was born in the 1980s in Coimbra and is a native of the city of Pombal, Portugal. From a very early age, in the 90s he was forced to change his parents and city. He landed very young in Paris, a city where he awakened his passion for music… His interest in electronic music started right there in the early 90s when he first heard Laurent Garnier and Daft Punk that made him interested in discovering more music and going further. Since then, his influences were very clear, Laurent Garnier, “The Best” as he usually calls him, was undoubtedly his great influence and nowadays it is natural where Eduardo play music if you hear a Garnier track. Over the years, his musical culture grew step by step, his interest and his musical research and discovery never stopped, from the school of French DJs, to the House of Chicago passing through Detroit Techno… he accumulated a little of the best that is done around the world in terms of electronic music ...

Encouraged by the long hours a day that he begins to discover new music and by the friends around him who have always been asking for news or new CDs, his desire to make acquaintances and strangers dance increased, until he launched himself with his body and soul in the music world. Their sets stand out for eclecticism based on House and Techno. Hence, without compromises, it expands both to ethereal and traveling paths and to strong and direct beats, with the sole purpose of shaking what's in front of you and musically educating the entire dance floor with a more alternative and quality. He describes his sessions, his sets as a trip, a mixture of sensations, his words: “I don't transmit music, but I transmit sensations, I'm not a DJ, I'm a music promoter”. His performances reside mainly between the center and north of the country, always because of his passion for music, and with the motto, that “the function of a DJ is to educate people musically, a DJ is not and will never be a Jukebox”
Winner of the Mambo Ibiza Mixcloud DJ competition 2017 

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created by Marco Ziemann

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