selected music #03 mixed by Indipol
07. September 2019
Indipol is an association of two friends – Patrick (born 1992 in India) and Maciek (born 1990 in Poland), who celebrated together in clubs and at parties when they discovered their love to electronic music. One day at a prehour-Party Maciek noticed how Patrick was djing and playing some good music and he observed the unexploited potential of his friend. In 2016, Maciek invited Patrick to join a studio session and both were on the same musical wavelength instantly. The production skills of Maciek and Patricks Dj-skills and his understanding of music were the perfect mix, so that the idea of developing a joint project became their new passion. They quickly agreed on the project name. They thought it would be interesting to bring the names of their home countries together, since the combination of both nationalities is not very common. This is how Indipol came into being.
In December 2017, they celebrated their debut gig at a private party in Düsseldorf and played an 8-hour-set. The Crowd loved it and went wild. Some other parties and gigs followed and led to the biggest and most exciting gig of the upcoming dj’s, with a 6-hour-set at the Club “Cue” in Bilbao, Spain. Besides this, they run a podcast called “The Life of Indipol” to release new DJ-mixes constantly. In March 2018 their first track “House Party Don’t Stop” was released on the Düsseldorf located label Eisenwaren. That was followed by many more releases, such as on the Croatian label Deepnd. Now Indipol achieved more than 20 releases and there are many more to follow as the hunger for more won’t stop.