selected music #42 mixed by Irina Bloom


Irina Bloom is a Chicago based Ukrainian born artist. For over two decades she has been pursuing her own unique musical path. Irina have started playing piano since the age of 5, she played bass guitar in a rock band in her teens. But everything changed when a cd with German techno mix got into her hands in 2004. This new, fascinating, unique sound was hypnotizing. Techno music became her obsession which never ended. She quickly learned how to mix records and created a dj duo QPoint. Moving to Chicago in 2009 opened a door to local electronic scene where through dedication and creativity Irina has made a name for herself.
Techno is the foundation of her sound and the center line of her sets - although her skill and ability to integrate different genres during her performances  is one of her most defining qualities. Irina sets the tone for a journey through various genres.  Influenced by German, Detroit  and Chicago sound, her sets are a mixture of rhythms that are perfect for any event. Since 2017 she is performing solo as Irina Bloom. Outside the music world Irina loves dogs, horseback riding, mathematics and interior design. 

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