MABU Beatz Radio Podcast #05

Jay Hill

Jay Hill

Jay Hill is moving into an exciting new phase of her blossoming artistic career. Based in her studio in Philadelphia, the soulful city’s chilled vibes, down-to-earth attitude and serious musical history, form the perfect backdrop for an artist striving for excellence every day. Fully focused on her creativity, regardless of fluctuating world circumstances, Jay is currently building an impressive, musically diverse catalogue of releases on her newly launched People Of The Light label, centred on presenting music as an art form, unique offerings bound with soul and emotion.

From electronica featuring Faithless collaborator Harry Collier; to techno with renowned poet Ursula Rucker; via an exploration of deep tech vibes on her personal anthem ‘Life is a Beautiful Day’ and some light-hearted experimentation with Wolf + Lamb’s Aquarius Heaven, Jay Hill is thriving, her inspiration untethered and flowing freely. Add precisely curated remixes to the equation, from mavericks such as Cevin Fisher and Tiger Stripes, and this new endeavour is perfectly primed to flourish and grow.

Notable recent appearances on Hot Creations offshoot Emerald City with ‘I Am Here’ (featuring Lazarusman) and a timeless ‘Mercurial’ for Mr C’s Superfreq have further raised Jay Hill’s global profile. Never one to limit her creativity, two tracks also feature in a new short film titled ‘Exposures’, set for release when film festival season starts back up again.

And, when the time comes, Jay Hill’s genre blurring vinyl and digital DJ sets will once again captivate audiences at stylish NYC rooftop bars, on dreamy sun-drenched Balearic Islands and in dark, sweaty Berlin warehouses. For people with open minds, electronic music doesn’t have boundaries, only infinite possibilities, and Jay Hill is a unique artist who breathes life into everything she does with true emotion. – H. Bryder,

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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