vinyl only #12 mixed by Mikrostar


He was born in 1975 in southern Hungary. His father is a singer/guitarist. But his interests turned to the electronic music side. First he used the DJ desk at the age of 14 and started working as a music producer at the age of 20. His music and dj sets toured the southern region, and then slowly became known in the whole Country. He worked as a resident DJ for many years in many citys. In the city of Győr he supported emerging talents from there, released a series of CDs and organized parties. He was a famous and celebrated dj at that time. In 2008 he moved to the Netherlands and became acquainted with radio.

Mikrostar released remixes that were played in the radios for weeks. In 2010 he moved back to Hungary with his dj colleague "Magnetic Maded" (M&M Project). After 2 years he left the country again and moved to Germany for inspiration, visited many clubs, studied the nightlife culture in Germany and released a producer album with a German label. Back in Hungary in 2017 he founded the "FOTEL collective", where he works with DJs, music lovers, record collectors and club leaders. He does a lot for the record culture and the presence of high quality music.

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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