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I owe my beginnings in electronic music to my father, thanks to him it was the first time that I heard this type of sounds, I am talking about electronic groups and artists from the 70s and the early years of the 80s, one of those first songs that I remember is the "Oxigene" by Jean Michel Jarre. Younger besides the rock of the time, I would be 15 years old, me and my friends in 2005; we listened to the program by Sonia Britz, on Radio Nacional de EspaƱa Radio 3, a reference program at that time and one of the great front doors of quality electronic music in Spain. Techno has always been my passion, I am moved more by techno sounds than other electronic sounds, although I adapt to other styles, I also had my time to get out of the dark techno music and embark on more modern and faster sounds, and I had a certain close-ups to Drum & Bass and Liquid sounds. Among my influences, both for years of youth, and for sound quality, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twim and Prodigy, will be a main part among the artists who have influenced me, and from the scene they act, I would say that Extrawelt. I do not have a great career on the plates, it was only about 8 years ago, that I decided to start creating my own sessions and in the last year is when I started to enjoy a booth, actively collaborating with the Dirty Sonora collective, I have I have played in different rooms, such as the Madrid club Utopia, in Granada, in Playa del Carmen and I am collaborating with other musical projects such as Bala Batam, with one of the members I also have my own project "3XK". My sounds revolve around the darkest, most hypnotic techno, with sonic remarks from experimental music.

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