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I like lots of things but there ́re three things I like most...MUSIC, MUSIC and MUSIC!
Patryk was born near Berlin in the middle of the 80s and started early to develop a deep relationship to music. He has always felt very close to electronic music. But it was not before his 18th birthday that the passion grew so strong that he tried his own productions. In the beginning using LoFi equipment he tried to transfer music of any kind into his very own productions. Back then he has been strongly influenced by the Big Beat scene in the UK and the Vienna sound by artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister. He tried out different styles until he discovered the House scene. He decided to get his own equipment and to share the music that he admires so much with others. Soon he developed an affection for Deep and reduced House music. Bit by bit the „Mannheim Sound“ hit him and he worked full of enthusiasm on his first productions. His tracks are strongly influenced by the flourishing and always self reinventing Berlin night life. Lots of underground artists are currently among those that influence him most. But also other music genres can be found occasionally in his music.

Patryk about his music:
"I love groovy, shaky things and I always try to transfer that in my productions. The tracks don't always have to be danceable or for the clubs. They can simply be for listening but still communicate a certain groove. Most important is that they reflect what one has felt while doing the production and it relates to oneself."

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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