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The countless nature of pure beach sand may very well be one quality that truly defines Sand Isle and his relaying limitless experience of melodies and finely crafted tunes. From the early stages of Sand Isle's musical development as a producer & DJ, he has always shown signs of being a formidable force that stays true to the Deep. His intricate style that fuses an abstract nostalgic sense with dance floor versatility, captures his crowd with a deep feeling that represents his true message at heart. It is that groovy melancholic sad yet happy sound, a representation of a frown turning into a beautiful smile, Sunrise. Sandile Masebe AKA Sand Isle was Born in Thembisa & bread in Alexandra, a township in the east side of Johannesburg. In the 90s growing up in a family full of music lovers, Sand Isle got exposed to various genres of music, ranging from Jazz, Ballads to R&B and Pop etc., But it is the “90s Disco House, Kwaito , late 90s Deep House and Hip Hop” that Sandile Masebe recalls as the first and probably the earliest shaping musical experiences. Not knowing that these encounters as a collector, and devout listener would soon translate into or sprout to become the genesis of “Sand Isle”. It was only a matter of time. Being limitless as defined, he had to move to DJ & soon to later write his own music.

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He pursued studies in Music Industry & Sound Technology in the year 2010 at Central Johannesburg College (Crown Mines). It is from there which a variety of skills were accumulated and majored in Electronic Music Production & DJ’ng. All the Passion and Skill amalgamated with techniques in which qualification can provide. This allowed development in his music production skills and formed his own distinctive style. Ever since then Sand Isle retained a steady rise in the South African House Music Industry as both producer and DJ.

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