selected music #06 mixed by Sbeen Around


The Story: Halloween 2014, Sara attended her friends birthday party, a costume party(of course). She came as her friend throwing the party, dressed up as she knew him when he was spinning around. A DJ. Never been behind the decks. After being shown some basics, playing tunes she never heard before for a few hours, she left that party with some whole new feels, saying aloud: I have to do this again. Since then, mainly from late 2016 (with better access to some DJ equipment) going by the DJ alias Sbeen Around. She has been feeding her passionate house soul by spinnin' delicious tunes from various house-genres. Groove is the feel in every performance.

Resident DJ for Reykjavík Underground. Monthly episodes of the mix series MUG Melodies for House Salad Music where the cruise varies between deep-, jackin-& tech house, depending on house mood at the time recording-good vibes always. Devoted editor for House Salad Music, recommending the finest tunes out there forHSM on Facebook on regular basis. Live Sessions with The Underground Sessions.Been spinnin‘ around clubs in Reykjavik, Iceland. Very eager to check out the wider scene of clubs & venues around the world that bring together beautiful crowds of dancing house heads.

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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