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Slava Finist started his career in Moscow, in dance scene Studio Sokol in the distant 1988 in DK MAI. All of the trendy youngsters and partysmarters of that time was spending time on those parties where all of the first Russian electronic projects has been started. In 1992-93 he was broadcasting on one of the first music radio stations called “M-radio”. Since 1994 he became a resident of the night club “Manhattan”, that's where one of the most popular parties under the name of “Dances of the Mass” has started. In 1995-1996 he started making “Independence” parties in the Moscow's Youth Palace, which made 'rave' movement really popular for that time. Since the opening he was a part of the legendary night club 'Titanic'.

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Another radio station 106.8 has opened in 1995, where Slava Finist began his famous radio show that lasted for a whole time of radio's existence till 2001. In 1997 he started touring the country and participating in all of the biggest electronic events. Eventually in 2005 his radio show came back to the radio station Megapolis and was broadcasting there till 2012. In the meantime Slava Finist is one of the most honored artists on the Russian electronic scene. He has a huge experience behind his shoulders and continue to take an active part in a culture life performing on the best dance events all over the country.

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