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selected music #36 mixed by Tyron Sleeper


This DJ was born in 1978 in Hamburg. Very early he dicovered music as his passion. After visiting some of the best clubs in Germany he decided to buy his own gear and make music himself. After practising a lot, he applied for a job in a small club in Hamburg and got his first Gig. Since then everything was happening very fast. He got jobs in clubs like Prinzenbar, Waagenbau, Bambi-Bar, Seid Ihr Flugbereit, Ostklang, Wasserschaden, Fundbureau, Purgatory and many others...
Being true to the motto - “The best is not enough“, he spins the tracks in his home town Hamburg and all over Germany. Apart from using turntables, he is very advanced in working with special effects... „It`s not only about making music, I want to give people the best time in the club” he said....which makes his performance fresh...

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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