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Amana Fedora

AMANA FEDORA born in 1988 in a small village near cologne surrounded by nature. Music accompanies her since her being on earth, because of her older brother who was a DJ a producer, too. In 2017, she decided to set herself behind the decks. Amana has a preference for highly energetic driving sounds combined with deep vibrating baselines.

MYSTICAL, MAGICAL, MAJESTIC…these three words describe her art of sound preferably. With her deep musical appreciation and tactfulness, Amana creates a profound musical journey during her performances. She knows how to assign her audience in different emotions. She was able to play in clubs like Salt&Pepper (Pforzheim), Lehmann Club (Stuttgart), Culteum (Karlsruhe), Artheater (Cologne), Elektrok├╝che (Cologne), Perlenkind (Essen), Veto Social Club (Ibiza) and much more. Now she is on her way to produce her first EP, so be curious of what she is going to prepare!

Amana Fedora


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