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DJ MIX #23 mixed by BE.LOW

BE.LOW is the duo formed by Santiago Romanowicz and Franco Cifone. Originally from Buenos Aires (ARG), graduated from the School of Music “SONICA” in 2013. Together with the idea that “two minds are better than one” they combine their sound personality, unleashing a great atmosphere within the sounds of Deep and Microhouse. Refined and with a well-marked beat, they pose a set in which the proposal is to discover and feel the music through the groove and the vocals that are present throughout the session.
With their sounds they made the booths of Crobar, Bahrain, EsVedra, Quba (MDQ), Carnal, PLTZ, Moscow (Ex Pacha Buenos Aires), to name a few, vibrate. They are currently focused on creating their own sounds, with different releases sealed throughout 2022. After its first release in August 2021 “THE WAY EP”, it made its debut in the digital/international market, sealing in Kief Music (Mexico) “WAVES EP” which reached #5 in the Beatport Best New Hype Minimal / Deeptech. April was the release month for BE.LOW – FIRTS HOUR included in the V.A. from Report label (Russia). In June, they released “ATOMIC STAB EP” for the “Iwant Music” label (Mexico). And for the rest of the year they have releases soon to be known.

Enjoy the sound of BE.LOW.
  1. BE.LOW – Unreleased
  2. Jennings. – Into The Sunset (Original Mix)
  3. BE.LOW – Unreleased
  4. Ky William, NotiV (UK) – Another Life (Artmann Remix)
  5. High Soundsystem – Kiss And Ride (Original Mix)
  6. V.I.O – Wantchu (Elinov Remix)
  7. Brett Johnson – Temptation & Lies (James Cole edit)
  8. RUZE – Freddy Simmons (Original Mix)
  9. Cruz & nocapz. – Spotlight (Original Mix)
  10. Tom Felix – Lovesick (Extended Mix)
  11. Le Monteiro – Croxtons Road (Original Mix)
  12. BE.LOW – Unreleased


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