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DJ MIX #26 mixed by Angel

Berlin-based French producer & DJ ANGEL began her career in London as a music journalist and event promoter for a small DJ bar in the British capital. Ever since, she appeared as a DJ in Tokyo, Bali, France, and Spain recently and began producing music in 2016. Her work is inspired by ambient producers and contemporary dub / deep techno artists as well as nature, travels, and meditation. ANGEL is also a music journalist contributing to Magnetic magazine as well as a painter and writer.

1. Alexander Bogdanov – Listen To Yourself
2. Eric Louis – Hazy Memory
3. Zippie – Enjoy Life
4. TM Shuffle – Kuivaamo Dub
5. Exos – Rigning í Stekknum
6. Project Noire – Dorna Watra
7. Multi-Mission, Mentality H – Labyrinth
8. Nae_Tek, Basicnoise – Secure
9. Star Dub – A Space In Between
10. 10PO – Location A
11. Mr. Bizz – Phobus
12. Dandytracks – Dubstories About Us 2
13. DJ Shuffle – Artist
14. Malin Genie – Mastodon

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