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DJ MIX #48 mixed by Sabbah

Sabbah is a DJ who started her career in Brussels. Her southern French roots have always fuelled her passion for house music. This enthusiasm for hypnotic beats and creative melodies has gradually shaped his unique style. She started out performing in small bars and at local events, where she developed her unique blend of deep house and acid house. She adds her personal touch to each track. Sabbah’s music is designed to bring people together on the dance floor and create a sense of unity and euphoria.

Her love for deep house and acid house shines through in every track and her infectious passion for music drives her forward. She is constantly refining her sound and breaking new musical ground, always pushing the creative boundaries. She is currently working on a new EP and forming a DJ collective to promote diversity and equality in the electronic music scene. Sabbah is a driving force for the future of music.

Sabbah DJ Mix 48


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