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DJ MIX #49 mixed by Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina has been involved with music since the 90s and began her career in Istanbul in 2021. She quickly made a name for herself in the electronic music world with her energetic stage presence and well-crafted sets. Gözde has participated in events featuring renowned foreign artists such as Stereo Express, Kadebostany, Oostil, Henri Bergman, […]

DJ MIX #48 mixed by Sabbah


Sabbah is a DJ who started her career in Brussels. Her southern French roots have always fuelled her passion for house music. This enthusiasm for hypnotic beats and creative melodies has gradually shaped his unique style. She started out performing in small bars and at local events, where she developed her unique blend of deep […]

DJ MIX #01 mixed by Man.ay


Born and raised in outer west Durban South Africa, MAN.AY( Pronounced Man-ai) is an artist with a unique approach to house music, MAN.AY breathes new life to the electronic music scene. Youtube Facebook-square Soundcloud Instagram other podcasts all podcasts