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DJ MIX #49 mixed by Gözde Firtina

Gözde Firtina has been involved with music since the 90s and began her career in Istanbul in 2021. She quickly made a name for herself in the electronic music world with her energetic stage presence and well-crafted sets. Gözde has participated in events featuring renowned foreign artists such as Stereo Express, Kadebostany, Oostil, Henri Bergman, and Kinky Sound in Antalya. Gözde shared the stage with local artists including Elif, Lunar Plane, Mathilda, People Like Us, Ege Sağlam, and Serkan Eles. Her Magician EP, released in only the second year of her career on Midnight Jam Records, helped establish her on BeatPort. Gözde has performed at several significant music venues in Turkey, including Bonjuk Bay, Icon Beach, and Illusion Event Hall.

She has also showcased her performances in Afro, Ethno, Melodic, and Indie House genres at special parties in Las Vegas, Miami, and Ibiza. During her Afro House-oriented sets, Gözde occasionally surprises the audience with Breakbeat and Soulful genres. Gözde reminds electronic music enthusiasts that each set is a unique journey. It is the journey itself, not the destination, that is extraordinary.

Gözde Firtina


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