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Ian Crank

IAN CRANK, Jan Dahlhaus with real name, is a techno DJ from Bochum, which is located in the heart of the Ruhr area and therefore he considers himself a real Pott- Jung. For 9 years Jan was, however under a different artist name, nationwide as Dj on the road and has performed at various festivals and in numerous clubs. He became known for his versatility, which he always combined with his extraordinary sound mix of Tech House and HipHop. In the background he always followed his secret passion, techno music. In 2017 Jan decided to end his previous, yet very successful concept and created a new one. Newfound enthusiasm for electronic dance music and a passion for techno led to the birth of “IAN CRANK”. IAN CRANK is now a protagonist of the driving and powerful techno music and does not cease to amaze his constantly growing fan base with his individual sets, which also already drew the attention of several organizers from the techno scene. In the same year, together with five friends, he founded the collective “Westgefüge”. With the extraordinary series of events “Wunderland” & “Westopen” they have made a name for themselves within the region. Since 2018 he is a family member of the Hasenbau Crew and belongs to the Cologne label Apriori Records and Darkart.

Ian Crank

In early 2021, IAN CRANK released his secound EP on the Døgmatic label and reached number 17 on the worldwide Beatport Techno charts and with his album “Strange” he made it to number 5 on the Beatport album charts. He is also resident DJ of the event “Techno O Plomo“. In addition, he was invited to perfrom in numerous clubs, like the “Butan” (Wuppertal), “Artheater” (Cologne) and the “Studio Club” (Essen), where he had the chance to prove himselfe. Julian Jeweil, Dj Hell, Drumcomplex, Steve Shaden and Klaudia Gawlas, amongst others are just a few of the well-known artists, at whose side IAN CRANK was already able to show his skills. Untiringly he follows his passion and his goal, to set novel, driving impulses on major events as well as in small, dark clubs right around the corner.


Dark Laught, Strange (Darkart)

Can’t Dance No More


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