MABU Beatz Radio

DJ MIX #50 mixed by Sanreys


DJ and sound producer Sanreys hails from the vibrant city of Kiev, Ukraine. He has been an integral part of the music scene for the past 7 years, specialising in the popular Future House genre. He is passionate about composing his own songs and constantly developing his musical skills. He is currently focusing on producing […]

DJ MIX #44 mixed by Ost.ros


In 2013, Ost.ros began his journey into the world of electronic music. His professional path led him to the Ukrainian club scene, where he was active in various venues. In 2018, he released two tracks and from 2019 to 2023, he dedicated himself intensively to music production, experimenting with driving rhythms and different styles. This […]

DJ MIX #35 mixed by Sanreys


My name is Sanreys, and I am a DJ and sound producer from the vibrant city of Kiev in Ukraine. I’ve been working in the music industry for 7 years already and specialize in the trendy Future House. I love to write my own songs and constantly develop musically. Currently, I produce in the field […]

DJ MIX #34 mixed by Dariana


Dariana is not only a rising female DJ, but also a true artist in her field. Her sets are unique and unforgettable, and she always manages to inspire her audience. With her passion for various music genres, she creates a unique atmosphere that gets everyone on the dance floor. Dariana has a special sense for […]

DJ MIX #17 mixed by We speak Music

We Speak Music

We Speak Music – is a creative collaboration of two talented girls from Ukraine, united by a common love and passion for electronic music!

DJ MIX #06 mixed by Jasminova & Pablo

Jasminova & Pablo

Jasminova started her career in China in 2018, started with commercial house and edm music, played in popular large commercial clubs in China. In 2021, she changed her style to house music, became a resident of Pacha sharm el sheikh, successfully develops in the styles of underground music, house, tech house, techno house, afro house. […]