MABU Beatz Radio

DJ MIX #35 mixed by Sanreys

My name is Sanreys, and I am a DJ and sound producer from the vibrant city of Kiev in Ukraine. I’ve been working in the music industry for 7 years already and specialize in the trendy Future House. I love to write my own songs and constantly develop musically. Currently, I produce in the field of melodic house techno and have already achieved international success with my tracks. My music has been released on renowned record labels in countries such as Germany, Argentina and Ukraine and has been played by DJs from Scotland, Germany and the UK on their radio shows.

I have also had the pleasure of performing at various clubs and festivals in Kiev, delighting people with my music. When performing, it is always important for me to choose the right music for my audience and create my own playlists for it, which correspond to my distinctive style and sound. There is a positive and danceable energy in my mixes that ensures my performance is remembered. Each of my performances sounds different, but I always stay true to my own sound style.



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