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DJ MIX #40 mixed by Tima Fei

Tima Fei is a fascinating artist. He has dedicated his life to music and creativity. The rhythm of his life is reflected in his work as he brings musical ideas to life, organises events and makes new contacts. His heart beats in tune with the pulsating beats he creates. With a passion for exploring new places and connecting with people of all kinds, he has already had impressive experiences in different cities.

Tima Fei sees each new city as an exciting chapter in a book that he carefully explores to discover the characters and special places in the story. His travels have shaped him and broadened his artistic horizons. From Chicago to Atlanta to Tampa, he has absorbed diverse influences and continually developed his musical creativity.

As an artist, Tima Fei is eager to share his musical talents and energetic presence with other artists and venues, and is open to collaborations and loves to explore and fuse different soundscapes. Through his work, Tima aims to evoke emotions and inspire people with his deep, melodic vibes and unique sonic aesthetic.

Tima Fei’s creative passion is not limited to music. She has also been active in the fashion world for over 20 years and has developed a special affinity for photography. With a focused eye and visual flair, she is able to capture and express personalities through her lens. Her images tell stories and allow the individual beauty of each subject to shine through.

Tima Fei


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