MABU Beatz Radio

DJ MIX #41 mixed by Muliér

Muliér is a techno producer and DJ from Hamburg, Germany. She was born in Ukraine and grew up in Germany, she started her musical journey in 2019. A lifelong passion for music led her to her love for electronic sounds over electronic sounds over a decade ago, when she knew she wanted to produce music herself one day.

Muliér has performed at various events. She likes to create a floating, slightly dark atmosphere for the audience, supported by rolling basslines and acid elements. When Muliér is inspired by her favorite artists like Kaspar, A*S*Y*S, Space92 and Teenage Mutants. She also likes to experiment with her own style by combining minimalistic techno, melodic trance and dark elements.

Driven by her creativity as a graphic designer, intense emotions and an eventful life, Muliér connects with people by weaving melodic stories inspired by her own experiences – the struggles of cultural of cultural identity, motherhood and womanhood.



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