MABU Beatz Radio

DJ MIX #42 mixed by Alibi

Music has permeated every part of Alibi’s life. She’s played saxophone since childhood and fell in love with house music in law school. Having grown up on a farm in rural Iowa, to parents born in the 60’s, she also loves country, rock, and oldies. These influences become apparent to anyone watching her perform.

Alibi’s innovated sets have led to a residency at the iconic Hard Rock San Diego as well as gigs at Insomniac events, such as Night Trip. She’s also played at major events and festivals with thousands in attendance. Alibi’s energy and enthusiasm behind the decks are unmatched. She prides herself on sharing this energy with her audience and cultivating an experience where everyone can come together and enjoy the music.

Alibi has begun releasing her own tech house tracks. Staying true to her sound, she’s been producing IDs that juxtapose elements from different genres.



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