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DJ MIX #45 mixed by Dj Spike

Dj Spike – An artist from the southern climes of Austria who has captured the hearts of many with his musical talent and dedication to electronic music. Born and raised in Carinthia, He began his musical journey at a young age when he became passionate about electronic music and various other genres. His creative process is characterised by the fact that he loves to get people moving with his music. It is this joy of seeing people dance to his beats that drives Hanns Peter and makes him an outstanding DJ.

But like many aspiring artists, Hanns Peter had to go through some ups and downs before he could make his dream come true. But fate had big plans for him when he met his current partner. This meeting was to be the turning point in his career, as it led to his long-held wish to become a DJ finally coming true. 2020 will always be a special year for Dj Spike because it was the year of his breakthrough. He sold his first song to a prestigious record label, further cementing his status in the electronic music scene.

His musical journey began in 2015 with nothing more than turntables, speakers and a laptop. But he has never stopped growing and developing. Today, he owns his own recording studio where he can put his creative ideas into practice and is always exploring new musical horizons. Dj Spike is not only a DJ, but also an artist who conquers the hearts of his audience through his passion and commitment to music. His journey is far from over and we can look forward to many more great musical moments from him.

Dj Spike


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