DJ MIX #29 mixed by Mikrostar

Mikrostar started djing 32 years ago, at a time when vinyl culture was still strong in clubs and homes. There were many records and stores around the world, which inspired him to play music. Throughout his career, he has visited Hungarian and European clubs and festivals, as well as online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, […]

DJ MIX #21 mixed by Jigiggs


Jigiggs is a Paris based music lover who finds pleasure in digging, sharing and vibrating.He is also a vinyl collector that enjoys playing wherever he can, especially at some good events in Paris.House, minimal, electro, it is the underground music which gives him the most emotion and motivates him day by day. In his sets […]

DJ MIX #13 mixed by Alin Prandea

Alin Prandea

Passionate about music and dance, in the ’80s and the ’90s, he choose to be the one that illustrates all the sounds heard during the “electro-classical” period – a break-dancer, and an amateur DJ, taking into account the existing technique at that time. In time he passed from the break dance moves at a more […]

DJ MIX #11 mixed by Shirokov


Shirokov’s dj way has begun in childhood with music school and piano, and the new round was in in the distant 1995, when the Technics were always in the clubs, while the CD-players were still rare; when the music was sold only in specialized stores on vinyl, CDs and cassettes… Since then, his musical style, […]

DJ MIX #10 mixed by Roma


ROMA since 97, aka Rodrigo Manzo, is an artist who lives and loves the culture of House music. ROMA has shown his passion for music since he was a child. His first beginnings to music was his love for the bands “The Rolling Stones, Phill Collins, White Snake, Bee Gees, and many more. He discovered he […]

DJ MIX #09 mixed by Ursula Prawn

Ursula Prawn

Originally from Tijuana, BC, DJ and producer Ursula Prawn has been influenced from an early age by the pacific house rhythms. Her musical taste is highly influenced by House, Minimal, Electro, Breaks, Acid and Techno music. This variety of genres has led her to develop a unique, peculiar and forceful sound. Resident of the iconic […]

DJ MIX #04 mixed by CK


During his youth he listened to mostly classic Hip-Hop (1997 – 2002), afterwards began to frequent the Romanian Space Club and UK Fabric. The major call for electronic music in terms of DJing and Music Production came at the age of 30, in 2012 when he first attended a DJing course followed by a Production […]