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DJ MIX #32 mixed by Sergey Sanchez

Since 1995, Sergey Sanchez has built himself into one of the most recognized dance music brands and busiest DJs in Russia, bringing his crowd the best that is born in the world of electronic music. His name means “deep house” in Russia.

During these years, Sergey had gigs in more than 100 cities in Russia and the former Soviet Union, as well as in Europe, Asia, and America, and of course on legendary Ibiza Island.

His talent, excellent musical taste, and devotion to house music helped create the longest party in the history of Russia. Sanchez’s Thursdays have had the highest reputation in the world club business since 1998, being a standard of quality and a place where inspiration is born.

Recently, besides active touring activity, Sergey Sanchez has worked in the studio together with the musicians Thierry Tomas and Mag Day Chuk. Their original tracks and remixes were released on Highway Records, Plastic City, Heisenberg, Lisztomania, Street King, Nite Grooves, Ylotana Music, and other labels. These works get high marks in the professional community and take high places in the world charts.

Today, Sergey Sanchez not only travels around the world, but also lectures, makes a weekly “My House” radio show on Megapolis 89.5FM, and also writes music for movies.

Sergey Sanchez


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