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podcast #32 mixed by Shea Marie

What defines a great DJ? Some argue that it’s the ability to read a room and select the perfect tunes to match the vibe, while others believe it’s about taking listeners on a journey that blends the old with the new, creating a euphoric experience.

Luckily, Shea is a music lover at heart and a veteran of North American dance floors who excels in both of these areas. With a willingness to explore new sounds and a keen sense of context, Shea has mastered the often-overlooked art of the opening DJ.

Starting out in the Midwest, Shea began collecting house and disco records and soon became a regular fixture in the St. Louis music scene. Her passion for music and drive to discover new sounds took her across the country, eventually landing her in Toronto where she fell in love with the city’s vibrant electronic music scene.

Now, Shea continues to hone her skills, blending timeless classics with fresh sounds and always creating a unique experience for her audience. Whether it’s a high-energy dance floor or a chill summer day party, Shea’s sets are the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.

Shea Marie


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