vinyl only # 19 mixed by Ursula Prawn


Originally from Tijuana BC, Ursula Prawn has been influenced from an early age by the Californian Baja electronic movement of the Nortec collective and the pacific house rhythms. Her musical taste is highly influenced by House, Minimal, Electro, Italo-Disco, breaks and Techno music. This variety of genres has led her to develop a unique, peculiar and forceful sound. She is a resident of the iconic Fónica, an electronic music club, that revolutionized the electronic scene years ago in Cholula. While being there, she shared the decks with an endless number of international and national artists, later on obtaining her a residency at the legendary Dynamitas Club, which is currently one of the places that keeps the city's electronic underground scene alive. Ursula has been a vinyl head since the beginning and is one of the few Mexican female Djs who has been around the format for many years, pushing her unique and styled sound across borders. She is also part of the local collective Unísono, a space in time where a group of artists express their views and interpretations of the present, past and future, resonating always in the same frequency.

You can now listen to the full premiere on MABU Beatz Radio. Enjoy!

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